Alberta Ballet created the VIP Experience auctions to invite patrons to engage with the ballet in unique ways. The money raised in the auction helps support future productions and programs.


How do you determine the winning bid?

The winner of the bid is the individual who made the highest offer at the time of the auction close. The bid has to be equal to or above the minimum bid indicated in order to be a winning bid. Bids below the miniumum will not be accepted as the winning bid.

What are the details or terms of the experience?

Each experience is unique and will have it's own terms. Our Alberta Ballet staff will happily provide you with any details needed to make this the best of experiences.

What is the minimum age requirement to make a bid?

You must be 18+ to bid on an auction item.

Can I bid on more than one item at a time?

Yes, you are welcome to place a bid on any of the auctions available while they are open for bidding. A minimum age of 18+ is applicable for all items.

I won my bid. How do I pay for my lot?

At the time of registering to bid, your email address was required. An Alberta Ballet team member will be in contact directly through email, within 2 business days from the close of the bid. At that time, they will make arrangements for payment. We accept VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX. For high value auction lots over $5,000, we can accept wire transfer or bank cheques. Alberta Ballet will not call you to arrange payment for your safety. Anyone contacting you by phone prior to email contact may not be authorized to do so.

Will I be charged GST?

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Alberta Ballet is registered in the province of Alberta, therefore a 5% sales tax (GST) will be charged on your winning bid amount.

Is the amount tax deductible?

Any amount above the retail market value is considered tax-deductible. You will receive a tax receipt for the value of the dollars that exceed the market value as per the Canada Revenue Agency's requirements.

Where does the money go?

Monies raised through the online auction go to various programs at the Alberta Ballet. To view some of the programs that benefit from the auction, please go to:

I'm a season subscriber and already have my tickets associated with the show. How will my current tickets be treated if I am the winner?

All of our packages are built with Premier or A tickets included in the package. We can credit your final winning bid amount for the value of the packages tickets, or you may keep the additional tickets to give away to friends and family, or return one set of tickets back as a donation for a full tax receipt. Your preference will be confirmed during your follow up phone call prior to payment for the package.